Interschool Championships

Terms & Conditions for State Level Inter School Dance Competition


To provide platform for all dance-enthusiasts as well as to those passionate about heritage, culture, and fraternity within the region to portray their talents, gain recognition and to celebrate the same. Your cooperation for the same would be highly appreciated. You can go through the details in the attached circular looking forward to your participation.

All entries should reach to our institution upto 01st Nov, 2017 either by post/In person/Email:

Date of Competition 11 Nov, 2017
Timing  9:00 AM
Venue Aravali Institute of Technical Studies, Umarda, Udaipur (Raj.)

Themes for the Dance Competition (you can chose any one of them)

1. Indian Values (Sanskars): Folk Dance

An ensemble comprising of facets from the local culture like Rajasthani, Bengali, Punjabi and Kashmiri folk dance etc.

2. Humanity (Rishtey): Contemporary Dance

Entire theme is about Human values, Importance of Peace, Harmony Unity in Diversity and Standing for each other.

3. Around the world : Samba, Afro Jazz, Street Dancing, Ballet etc.

This theme can be about Music, Art, Culture, Regions, and Languages around the world.

4. Navrasa : Classical/Semi Classical

There are 9 various forms or emotions mentioned in our art and culture. The entire dancing can be woven around mentioning these forms and displaying those emotions like Shringar, Karun, Hasya, Veer, Vatsalya, Bhayanak, Adhbhut, Raudra and Shant Ras.

  1. Contestants should be bonafide school students being represented. They should be carrying I- Cards.
  2. Only one entry will be honored from each school.
  3. The contestants can be composed of minimum five participants.
  4. Age Group :
  5. Time limit per dance with presentation: 5 to 8 minutes.
  6. The running order for stage performance will be determined by the Organizing Committee.
  7. Contestants should be present at the venue by 8:45 a.m. latest.
  8. In view of safety reasons, any movement with inherently dangerous maneuvers associated with the dance is not advised. The safety of dancers is up to their dance teacherís discretion. Contestants agree that the Dance Competition Organizing Committee holds No responsibility for any mishaps or injuries that may occur during the competition.
  9. Please provide introduction or description to the songs to be read by the host during the competition.
  10. Judgment decision for judges will be final. No objection will be entertained.
  11. All music must be clearly labeled with:
    1. The title of the sound track to be played
    2. The name of the school
    3. The name of the dance
  12. Props used in the performance should pose no danger to the dancers or to the audience most especially to the next set of team contestants.
  13. Every team is responsible for the security of its own music, costumes, make-up, props and belongings. Make sure that you do not leave any valuable items unattended. The Competition Organizing Committee IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGED ITEMS.
  14. The winners will be qualified by a panel of eminent judges selected by the Competition Organizing Committee. The list of Judges will be announced to all competing teams prior to the competition.
  15. The Judging Criteria are set and decided by the Competition Organizing Committee.
  16. The winners are decided by the top three highest scorers from the Judging Criteria. The winners will be awarded from 1st to 3rd position.
Choreography/Creativity 20
Co-ordination / Synchronizing 20
Appropriateness of Costumes and props. 20
Stage Coverage 20
Impact 20
Total 100%

No TA and DA will be given to Participant

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