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The role of Youth

Posted on 08-Mar-2016 01:13 PM

The Youth, the bunch of extreme energy, the hope of our nation, the one who have the power, will and destiny to change the nation have few responsibilities and even the prime duty towards the country too. In the very time where lot of negative things is floating in the air, it is essential for all the youth to take the things in a very positive manner and beat the negativity with the hard work, the ease of responsibility towards our country and new ideas. I also request all the youth not to float the negative messages on the social media which divides our national integrity, Harmony and peace. The conventional idea of working only in the fields which give you a good career and a high salary needs to be trashed. The youth needs to help the nation to figure out the various ways to use the talent and the potential it has. We cannot afford the talent to go to waste and we need to start working on the career opportunities for the unconventional talent right now. The country, believe it or not, is in dire need of a revolution and the only hope we have is the youth. With their vision and farsightedness, the youth can bring to the plate not only changes, but freshness which the country could use to give itself an image makeover. India is a young country and it needs to start acting like one, we have a long way to go and we need to start working towards it.

Anand Jain

Asso. Prof. and Head

Department of Electronics & Communication